Transport monitoring and execution platform that provides real-time tracking, transport and merchandise visibility, and facilitates all transport-related activities. The platform consists of a set of integrations with different systems such as ERPs, GPSs, planners or TMSs, warehouse management systems (WMS) etc, of the different agents involved in the chain: loaders, transport operators, drivers and also the staff of warehouses or distribution centers. In this way, the platform becomes collaborative and unites the activity of different companies and user profiles. In terms of functionalities, it is divided into several modules that can be also divided: track and trace of vehicles, merchandise, electronic documentation, access control, slot booking (appointment reservation), dock management or IMS, POD (proof of delivery) , business intelligence, claims or incident management and planning.



Management of supplier invoices.
-EDIcom communications management.
-Request for offers to suppliers.
-Sending offers to customers.
-Management of shipments of final product.
-Development of contracts with customers and suppliers.
-Management of customer complaints.
-Follow-up of product delivery to customer.


From the development of optimization tools or Machine Learning Models, to the design of data infrastructures and web platforms or consulting services related to Big Data or Artificial Intelligence. There is also experience with Blockchain technology for fraud detection, product authentication or traceability. In the logistics area, work has also been carried out internally on the investigation of the layout of optimal routes and on a documentation validation system.

Solution focused on locating and tracking assets


Per carrier:
- Generate shipping labels on each page/different pages
- Picking up of different merchandise
- Difficulty tracing of orders, on different pages and with unknown codes
- Consolidation of several packings in different picking up locations


IWS goes beyond a WMS, expanding the functionality of any warehouse or warehouse network.
It has been developed with flexibility as the main objective, allowing the implementation of changes in the warehouse dynamically and in real time. This design strategy is based on four main pillars:
- Graphic design of logistics processes
- Graphic design of the warehouse layout
- Flexible item parameterization
- Flexible storage rules

We offer service software that identifies the client's problem and the objectives to be achieved in order to obtain total connectivity, eliminate bureaucracy and intercommunicate the entire logistics, IT and data ecosystem. The staff will be able to carry out their work and no time will be wasted looking for information or in the bureaucracy, it´s an interconnected system with the platforms used by the client.

Muutech Monitoring Solutions

With our monitoring PLATFORM you will be able to connect to any machine, sensor, PLC, ERP or database and start extracting value from the data from the first minute and in a way that is personalized to your needs.


NOA (Norlean Operations Analyzer): The digital twin NOA is a Cloud platform for organization digital twins (DTO) that exploits the available data using AI analysis tools to translate them into key indicators, generating 3D models, allowing to predict and prescribe the future of your company

Odoo is an open source ERP that fulfill all the needs of a company: CRM, sales, purchases, warehouse, billing, accounting, project management, manufacturing...

It is a fully integrated, modular and scalable software, with a modern and elegant design and an excellent and intuitive user experience.

Hiring a logistics operator is an effort, what the gateway allows is to connect with the distributor of your choice, be it MRW, Seur or or the distributor of your choice,what It provides great freedom when changing distributors. This also reduces integration costs.


Easy and efficient order management:
- Easy to integrate with ERP or directly in the online store
- Payment for the use of the application. Payment by number of users, games and voice consumption, if any.
- Easy to use: on smartphones and conventional browsers
- Adaptable to needs. Various picking methods: order by order, multiple or by wave

Use of RFID technology focused on business areas such as inventory management, traceability, asset management and loss control.

We help to reduce costs by monitoring vehicles and optimizing process times, transfers, etc. Therefore, resources can be used more efficiently, both material and human resources.

It´s a cross-device, AI-based business process assistant that supports noisy environments.

Complete suite of technological solutions based on robotic automation of processes that allows to automate repetitive actions. All aligned with international rules and regulations. (More than 40 complements) bureaucracy, governance, corporate social responsibility, risks, compliance with objectives, asset management, supplier management.

Freight management
Generate an order in a3ERP and the delivery note will be generated directly. Allows planning origin-destination transport routes. The transport price can be set according to Units, kilometers or a fixed amount. Monthly payments to carriers
Settlements to partners / freelancers. Compensation income - expenses in a3ERP portfolio. Delivery note and Billing
Possibility of several orders in a single invoice per customer, vehicle… Management of vehicles and their documentation
whether owned or subcontracted: drivers, license, tires, makes, models, mileage and fuel. Management of contract types
both owned, subcontracted or hitch. Maps Integrated with Google Maps to check the timing per trip as well as the route to be taken by the carrier. In addition, it allows you to include intermediate points. Other features

La solución WF BASIC se comercializa con el pago de una cuota mensual, evita el hacer inversiones en infraestructura y recursos técnicos y hace que los recursos se dediquen al negocio y es perfecta para digitalizar la logística de un almacén y mantener la trazabilidad del producto

YAX uses RFID technology to allow product traceability, providing full transparency thanks to the implementation of Blockchain, with the aim of improving business performance and optimization.