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At Imatia we offer software products and services that help companies and administrations around the world to improve their productivity.

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Technological Solutions

IWS goes beyond a WMS, expanding the functionality of any warehouse or warehouse network.
It has been developed with flexibility as the main objective, allowing the implementation of changes in the warehouse dynamically and in real time. This design strategy is based on four main pillars:
- Graphic design of logistics processes
- Graphic design of the warehouse layout
- Flexible item parameterization
- Flexible storage rules

Per carrier:
- Generate shipping labels on each page/different pages
- Picking up of different merchandise
- Difficulty tracing of orders, on different pages and with unknown codes
- Consolidation of several packings in different picking up locations

Easy and efficient order management:
- Easy to integrate with ERP or directly in the online store
- Payment for the use of the application. Payment by number of users, games and voice consumption, if any.
- Easy to use: on smartphones and conventional browsers
- Adaptable to needs. Various picking methods: order by order, multiple or by wave